Shackled City KW

May 25th Session Recap
Alek Tercival

Oct 27, 1046

11 am

may 25 mirror room After waiting for a few minutes the rope is still sticking out from the middle or the mirror. When Fransworth pulls on the rope there is no give, it is stuck. Continuing to experiment, Farnsworth sticks his longsword in the mirror and can pull it back out without any problem. Eldrun sticks his head in the mirror and all he sees is the same blackness and stars that appeared before. After a few minutes the clasp from Pharius’s royal robes comes back through the mirror. Fearing their companion is in trouble the party ties the rope to the chair and Farnsworth and Eldrun declare their intention to enter the mirror while Grognak, Dax and Ceana decide to wait for 10 minutes.

Farnsworth appears alone in a green pentagonal room. Each wall has a different colored mirror on it corresponding to the colours on the floor in previous room. He can hear faint metallic footsteps in the distance. Farnsworth calls out “Helloooo…” Both Pharius and Eldrun hear him faintly as if he is far away.

Eldrun begins going through the different colored mirrors and each time ends up in a room of the same colour as the mirror he went through. He shouts out that we should all go through the red mirror. All Pharius, Eldrun and Farnsworth all go through the red mirror at the count of three and they all end up different in red rooms, alone.

After 10 minutes passes Ceana, Dax and Grognak enter the mirror and each end up in an empty rooms. The party begins shouting to each other. They are all very confused about where they are and how to find each other. Pharius informs the party that Alakast has been silent since he entered the mirror.

Dax begins going through the rooms in order they appeared in the circle in mirror room. He ends up going in what seems like circle. Pharius tells the group that he had left his royal clasp in a room, went through a mirror and tried to return but the clasp was gone. Realizing this was how the clasp returned to the mirror room the party concludes that the rooms must be an extra dimensional space that ceases to exist when they leave. We decide to each go to a different colored room just to see what happens. Nothing happens. We all move through the rooms in coloured order. Nothing happens. Farnsworth searches each coloured room carefully and does not find anything of interest.

Pharius begins describing the silver plate in detail to the party. We decipher a numeric code of 345123. The colors also form a sequence. When going through a mirror into a colored room you always face then next color in the sequence. The colour sequence is Green, Blue, Violet, Red, Orange, Yellow. Dax tries to combine the colors and the number to form the sequence Green, Red, Blue, Green, Blue, Red, Green. He ends up in a dark room with five mirrors. Each mirrors shows an image of a man huddled in the corner of a medium sized room. Farnsworth and Pharius follow the same pattern and end up alone in a similar rooms. Pharius decides he should go through the mirror with Alakast. As he enters the room he can no longer hear the party, but Farnsworth and Dax can see him in the room with the man.

The rest of the party decides to rejoin Pharius. They follow the coloured pattern and go through the mirror into the room with the man. They find themselves in a square room with a door, 12 urns, one of which is broken and a man we assume to be Alek. Alek appears to be insane, muttering to himself over and over again.

“When the final cage is shackled the final doom shall rise.”

Searching the room reveals nothing. Farnsworth inspects the door. It is a metal slab that appears to be stuck. Pharius casts some spells to further increase his and Grognak’s strength which is still boosted from the purple potion the drank in the fountain room. They make a mighty attempt and rip open the door. On the other side of the door is a set of stairs leading up to a room with 4 pillars.

may 25 pillar room

Ceana speaks quietly to Alek to convince him to come with the party. He seems to come to his senses. Alek inquires about the date and they discuss the current political situation in Cauldron and Redgorge. He is quite upset when the party tells him how much time has passed and of the political problems that have occurred.

The end of the room opens out into sand and desert. Eldrun notices that the sun is low in the sky considering that it should be midday. Outside there is a large pop and a giant creatures appears in front of us. It is similar to the headless statue by the river. Farnsworth is unable to identify the creature, but can tell that it is from an abyss. Farnsworth shoots at the creature in Abyssal asking it why it has come. The creature answers that he has come to kill the paladin. We assume it is referring to Alek.

may 25 demon fight Eldrun reacts first shooting arrows at the creature. Ceana confronts Alek to determine what he knows about the creature and why it might be after him. He has no idea, but insists it must die! The creature casts unholy blight on the party. Ceana, Eldrun and Farnsworth are all sickened. Farnsworth casts Ray of Enfeeblement sapping the creature of some of its strength. Grognak runs at the creature who attacks him as he approaches. Grognak makes a powerful swing back dealing a large amount of damage. Alek yells,

“Beware the unseen mark. Beware the eyes that kill. By treachery and deceit will the true lord fall and the false lord rule.”

After which he runs up and attacks the demon. As he approaches the demon it attacks him for a lot of damage. Dax runs around the demon to flank him but the demon hits him as well. The demon continues to attack Alek hitting him multiple times. Alek falls to the ground after taking massive damage. Farnsworth casts Unluck at the demon who resists the spell. Grognak and Dax continue attacking the demon. Pharius tries to cast breath of life to revive Alek but looses the spell trying to cast defensively. Ceana smites the demon bypassing its damage reduction. The demon laughs mockingly, casts greater teleport and disappears.

Eldrun rushes to Alek to see if he can be helped, but Alek grabs Eldrun and speaks to him in Nydrama’s voice. He says

“There is naught left for you in Cauldron heroes. To return is enter your own graves and bring doom to all you love. Trust the sign of the smoking eye if you wish to save those you love.”

When he has finished speaking Alek falls over dead. The party is now stranded in the desert. Judging by the sun they are far to the east of Cauldron.

May 18th Session Recap
The Hags and the Mirror

Oct 27, 1046

10:25 am

The party is still in combat with the hags. Eldrun heard the hags go through a door at the end of the hallway they came from. Farnsworth is still invisible and separated from the party on the otherside of the locked entrance to the chamber. He had run from the room to steal the elixer of gods for later investigation and locked the door on his way out.

While the party pursues the hags down the hallway Farnsworth hides the Elixir of the Gods so that he can inspect it more closely later. He then begins to and hurry back to the portcullis, an alternate way to rejoin the party. As the party follows the sounds of the hags they come to a small room with a fountain in the middle. The fountain contains a purplish liquid like the liquid in the chalice that the hags claimed was the “Elixer of the Gods”. To one side of the fountain is a open door. On the other side of the fountain there is another door which is closed. The party purses the hags through the open door, assuming that is where they went. On the other side of the door is a short hall with a large room at the end. The room has a staircase leading up the righthand wall to a 10 foot high platform along the far wall. On the platform is a large chair. There are two doors that exit the room. One on the wall oposite the stairs and the other on the platform directly across from where the hallway enters the room. may 18 dungeon As the party enters the room, the two hags reappear. The first attempts to dominate Eldrun and fails, but the second succeeds and forces Eldrun to turn his bow on Grognak. Eldrun unable to resist shoots Grognak. Dax thinks quickly and attempts to grapple Eldrun, but Eldrun shrugs him off. Grognak continues to charge the hags while Ceana and Pharius come around the corner. One of the hags disappears again. Eldrun is able to regain control of his mind thanks to Pharius and his magic circle against evil. He attacks the hag that had dominated him. Dax runs towards the platform and jumps and climbs up next to the still visible hag. Grognak and Dax, now flanking the one visible hag and begin to attack it. The visible hag quickly disappears. Meanwhile the other hag reappears in front of Pharius and attacks him. Eldrun fires back at the hag from behind Pharius. Ceana, who had made it to the stairs runs back and smites the hag. The hag once again disappears from view. The other hag reappears near the fountain room and casts a spell causing Eldrun to become panicked. Unable to control himself Eldrun drops his bow and runs up the staircase and through the door on the platform. He enters another short hallway that ends in rubble. There is a door halfway down the hall on the left. may 18 hag fight Dax rushes past Eldrun to try and stop him from running any farther away, but he triggers the automatic door on the left and it opens revealing a medium sized room. The room contains a stone chair, that faces a mirror opposite the door. There are coloured circles in a circle around the chair. The sight of the mystical looking room startles Dax who is afraid of what he may have stumbled on. Farnsworth is finally able to rejoin the group after flying (literally) back at full speed. They are still unaware of his presence because he has remained invisible from when he ran away with the chalice. The hags continue to try and affect the party with a variety of spells but the magic circle against evil prevents them from panicking or dominating anyone else. Eldrun continues to flee to the end of the corridor where he cowers in fear. Dax is once again unable to stop him. Ceana charges one of the hags who is now at the top of the stairs and slays it. Pharius and Grognak race towards the remaining hag who is back in the room with the fountain. As they enter the fountain room Farnsworth appears flying in air and incinerates the hag with a tremendous scorching ray.

The party heals quickly and proceed immediately to the room with the mirrors, hoping that some of their buff spells will still be active should there be any terrible creatures in the mystical room. Uncertain if the room is safe Farnsworth becomes invisible and searches the room stealthily, but quickly, for traps. He finds none. The rest of party enters and begins to inspect the room more closely. As Farnsworth inspects the mirror he sees five pentagonal windows four of which are cloudy but in the other he can see a man trapped and in despair. The party remembers Jenya’s message from the star of justice and concludes that this is Alek Tercival. As Farnsworth touches the mirror the surface ripples like water. Farnsworth does the hokey pokey with the mirror, putting one limb in at a time and taking it out, making sure they come back out in the same condition. Next he takes a deep breath and puts his face in the mirror. All he sees is blackness and stars. Farnsworth tries to breath and finds he can. He pulls out his face and informs the party of what he experienced.

Unable to figure out how to rescue Alek or if they can enter the mirror safely, the party decides to continue exploring the dungeon before their remaining buff expire. Before continuing Farnsworth suggests they should retrieve the chalice and inspect the elixer. Farnsworth unlocks the door leading out of the main chamber and retrieves the chalice bringing it back to the fountain room. He is about to pour the elixer back into the fountain with the rest of the liquid when he notices they are a slightly different colour. Grognak identifies a poison in the elixer in the chalice, and Farsnworth can tell that both liquids will make you stronger. Pharius, Dax and Grognak all consume some of the potion from the fountain and gain a lot of strength, but take penalties to wisdom. All three are happy for their enhanced strength. Grognak and Dax are relatively unconcerned about being a little less wise. Pharius, still the wisest of them all, is less enthusiastic and the entire party wonders how long these affects may last and if their will be any side affects later on.

Eldrun, ready to explore the rest of the dungeon, approaches the other door in the fountain room. It opens onto a small hall with a door at the end. As Grognak approaches the next door it opens and a fireball goes off. The entire party is caught in the explosion and they all take damage except of Farnsworth who dodges out of the way with his evasion skills. All the party finds on the other side of the door is a pile of rubble. The party returns to the room with the platform to explore what is beyond the door oposite the stairs. As they approach it there is another short passage with a medium sized room beyond. In it are three beds and a chest. Farnsworth checks the chest for traps before opening it and finding lots of treasure. Eldrun searches the rest of the room and finds a secret door drawer behind one of three baboon masks hanging on the wall. In the drawer is a magical quarterstaff. Farnsworth identifies the staff as Alakast. The staff that Nidrama said they would need to defeat the king of The Demonskar. The staff is powerful and intelligent. It can communicate empathically with whomever is holding it.

The party returns to the mirror room with the staff Alakast. The staff empathically communicates with Pharius who is holding it that it wants to investigate the mirror. Pharius puts Alakast into the mirro, it pushes him back and he senses flashes of color. We decide to reference the silver plate we brought with us from Cauldrun. After inspecting the plate the coloured circles around the chair appear to be numbered. After much deliberation and experimentation no progress is made. The party decides someone must enter the mirror to determine what is on the other side.

Pharius is tied to the rope, equipped with both Alakast and the silver plate he steps into the mirror.

May 11th Session Recap
Elixer of the Gods?

Oct 26, 1046

10 pm

The party decides to hole up in the forge and get some rest before continuing further into caves or ancient ruins. Pharius and Farnsworth volunteer for the first watch, Grognak and Dax are scheduled for the middle watch and Eldrun and Ceana will take last watch. Very shortly into the first watch three Shadow Demons sneak into the room and attack Pharius (from behind). The noise wakes Grognak who gets up and moves towards the demons. Pharius calls on supernatural powers to bring up a Nimbus of light. In response the demons cower and run from the rooms. The rest of the party wakes up from the noise. Ceana, Eldrun are the next to wake up and draw their weapons. Grognak and Pharius pursue the demons into the caves. Two of the demons continue to flee from the Nimbus of light. The other turns and attempts to cast Magic Jar on Grognak who resits. Farnsworth tries to sneak into the cave but is spotted by the nearest demon. He casts a two scorching rays, one misses and the other connect, but the demon only takes partial damage. Grognak goes into a rage and makes a mighty attack against the demon. Pharius continues to drive the demons back with his Nimbus of light. One of the demons and disappears and casts Greater Teleport. Farnsworth pulls a potion of see invisibility from his pack and drinks it. He sees one of the demons flanking the party from behind. Ceana continues to wait in the forge. Eldrun unleashes a flurry of arrows to one of the demons that is still visible to the party. Grognak continues to attack the demons in his rage. Pharius brings down the Nimbus of light, casts divine power and taughts the demons who have been fleeing from him. The two demons still in cave begin to attack Grognak. The demon that was flanking the party charges into the cave and attacks Ceana becoming visible again. Farnsworth casts magic missile at the demon attacking Ceana dealing force damage. Ceana also make a critical hit against the demon. Eldrun continues to pepper the demon with arrows, but realizes that they are taking little damage from his attacks. Dax moves into combat and begins to attack with his enchanted weapons bypassing its damage reduction. One of the demons looks into Dax’s eyes and casts Magic Jar. Dax is unable to resist. The demon disappears and Dax begins to glow as he is possessed by the demon. The other demon casts telekinesis and hurls two anvils at Farnsworth. They miss him and smash against the wall. Farnsworth pulls his wand of dispel magic from his pack. He calls on the power of Olidimara as he casts dispel magic on Dax and dispels the Magic Jar. The possession is ended and the demon reappears in front of Dax. Ceana smites the demon that is in the Forge and continues to attack it. Eldrun turns to help Ceana deal with the demon in the forge and slays it with four arrows. Ceana less then grateful glares at Eldrun for stealing her kill (but she claims to love Eldrun anyway). Dax now returned to his body continues to attack the demons and slays the one that had possessed his body. Pharius kills the remaining demon to end the combat. After Pharius heals the wounds suffered by Grognak, Dax and Ceana during the attack the party sets up to rest.

Oct 27, 1046

10 am

The rest of the night passes uneventfully. After preparing in the morning the party decides to explore the remaining sections of the cave. Eldrun and Farnsworth sneak slightly ahead of the party and peak around the corner as the approach the end of the passage. The room opens up into a large cavern overlooking the portcullis. In the room are the controls for the portcullis, a large and two giants. The party surprises the giants. Eldrun takes a shot with his bow. Farnsworth lets loose a fireball. Pharius casts bull strength on Grognak. The rest of the party moves forward to engage the giants in melee. The party continues to attack the giants one is slain by Eldrun before even having a chance to react. The remaining giant gets a huge hit on Grognak, but is quickly taken down by Dax, Pharius, who charged the giant, and Eldrun who slays it.

After slaying the giants Farnsworth opens the portcullis. Grognak lowers him down on a rope and he slips down from the balcony to see if there is anything in the passage below. After seeing the passage is still empty he squeezes back up through the small space and they close the portcullis.

The party returns to the door at the end of the ancient passageway. But as they approach it, it does not open automatically as the other doors did. Farnsworth searches thoroughly for traps but the door looks safe. When Pharius goes to open it they discover the door is locked. Farnsworth picks the looks. Pharius walks up and throws the door open and barges in “Aragorn” style! On the other side is a large hall. In the middle is an unusually 30 foot long metal and wood sculpture with twenty something chairs around it. Each chair had three armrests. After seeing the room and examining our tablet again we determine that the creatures that build these halls were spell weavers and the creatures they enslaved were ogres. Across for the entrance is a caved in hallway. There are also hallways leading off from the left and the right of the hall.

As we enter a heavenly choir of Trumpet Archons enters from the hallway on the right. They smell of roses and thank us for cleansing this holy place from the evil giants. Ceana uncertain of their motives casts detect evil and sees three evil auras. The Archons offer us an exlir of the gods. Not trusting them Dax takes the potion and passes it to Farnsworth. After receiving the potion Farnsworth casts Invisibility. Everyone stands around for a round not quite sure what to do. Farnsworth sneaks quietly out of the room while Eldrun unleashes a flurry of arrow doing massive damage to the nearest Trumpet Archon which dies reverting back to it is natural state, a very ugly green hag. The other two cast invisibility and disappear. Farnsworth shuts the doors and locks it with Arcane lock. He is now cut off from the party. Eldrun hears the fake archons move though a door at the end of the hallway they came from. As the party (minus Farnsworth) follows them down the hall Ceana cannot see their auras.

May 4th Session Recap
Vaprak's Voice

Oct 26, 1046

9 pm

As the party begins heading down the slope Pharius slips and falls into the pool at the bottom of the pit. While the others continue down the slope Farnsworth flys down into the pit. Pharius, taking damage from the hot water, calls on Pelor to help him keep his head above water. When he reaches Pharius, Farnsworth casts fly on him and he escapes the water. Pharius happy about being out of the boiling water begins flying around the cave while the group climbs the wall at the other side of the pit.

At the top of the ledge the fissure continues for about 100 feet sloping gently upward. Before continuing along the fissure Farnsworth flies back to take a look through the portcullis. It is to dark to see so Pharius flies by for a second opinion with his dark vision. Pharius can see an empty passage on the other side. Seeing no obvious ways to open the portcullis they return to the rest of the group.

Eldrun takes hard look down the fissure and sees lots of rocks. We proceed to the end where Pharius and Eldrun look around the corner. Immediately ahead they see a cave opening with a poorly constructed wood gate blocking the way and to the right is an opening into the heart of the Demonskar.

After a quick discussion we decide to proceed through the “pov” looking gate. Farnsworth takes a look and doesn’t notice any traps. Farnsworth and Dax take a closer look to figure out how the gate was engineered and determine we could try to push it aside or knock it down. After Grognak, Eldrun, Pharius and Dax push with all their might it does not move. Eldrun takes a look around the gate and finds giant footprints. Getting impatient with the delays Pharius announces he will bust it down with his axe, but Eldrun suggests we try to be a little quieter since there are probably giants on the other side. Taking his advice everyone pitches in, Farnsworth even returns to medium size (for what little it’s worth), but we are still unable to move the structure. Pharius, Dax and Eldrun begin cutting the ropes while Farnsworth stands back incase it should collapse. Their progress is slow and not wanting to wait any longer Farnsworth casts a mighty lightning bolt at the gate and it catches fire. After five minutes the door finishes burning down and three hill giants are waiting on the other side as Eldrun suspected.

Eldrun opens fire on the nearest giant with his bow dealing a good amount of damage. Dax runs up attacking the nearest giant. Pharius buffs himself to large size to even the odds. The giants take swings as Pharius and Dax hitting them both. Grognak joins the battle enraged by the giants. Farnsworth casts a fireball catching all the giants as well as Dax in the blast. The party continues its attack. Eldrun drops one with his bow. Dax unleashes a pair of critical hits taking down another giant. The remaining giant attacks Dax knocking him unconscious. Farnsworth fries the last giant with an impromptu sneak attack scorching ray to end the combat. Eldrun immediately rushes up and stabilizes Dax.

Now having a chance to look around the room we see four twelve foot beds, a fire pit, bones scattered around the room and number of sacks along the wall. Farnsworth takes a look through the sacks and finds a bunch of mundane items as well as number of gems and gold coins. Meanwhile Pharius heals Dax and Grognak with his wand.

may 4 fire giant encounter

The cave ends in dungeon wall with a perfectly smooth, shiny door. The door opens automatically as Eldrun approaches it. On the other side or the door is a large forge. In the forge is a fire giant wielding a large hammer with both hands. Eldrun attacks with his bow. The giant resists spells cast by both Farnsworth and Pharius. As the party begins to engage the giant it backs up and uses a wand of displacement. As the party continues to attack many attacks miss due to the giants successful displacement. From the far end of the room the giant hurls a flaming anvil at Eldrun, the only party member who has managed to hurt it to this point. As the fight continues Dax and Grognak approach the giant who engages them in melee. Farnsworth finally manages to hit the giant with a ray of enfeeblement dealing four points of strength damage after the giant successfully resists for half. In the end it is the mighty Dax who slays the giant after connecting with an off-hand attack.

After the combat is over Farnsworth investigates the chest at the back of the room and finds that it is trapped. After disarming the trap by releasing the flamable vapours trapped inside the chest is opened revealing a large amount of coins, gems and magical items. A silver and platinum cage in the other corner is appraised for 2000 gp but weights too much to fit into the bag of holding.

We proceed into the hall at the far end of the forge. It opens into a long hallway. One end of the hallway is caved in. In the other direction there is a door half way down on the right wall and a second door at the end. As Eldrun moves down the hall the door half way along the wall opens as he approaches and reveals another cave-in. At the end of the hall a cave passageway tees to the left just before the door.

Eldrun hears some voices coming from the cave but doesn’t understand them. Farnsworth comes up to listen and can hear the creatures speaking in giant. The party prepares with Pharius casting righteous might and Farnsworth becoming invisible. Then the party rushes around the corner surprising a group of five ettins which are easily dispatched.

April 27th session recap
The Gnoll path

Oct 26, 1046

7 am

While Ceana and Farnsworth are on watch a group of three demons emerge from the jungle. Farnsworth was unable to identify them. The demons were quickly killed and the party goes back to sleep.

11 am

The rest of the morning passes uneventfully. Before setting out down the path the group identifies a bunch of Gnoll footprints.

12 pm

After traveling three miles down the path it ends at a foul smelling cave. Only Pharius can see into the dark cave. He tells the group he can see two large creatures. Farnsworth becomes invisible and sneaks into the cave. He then casts light so the rest of the group can see the creatures and they begin their attack.

After defeating the creatures Eldrun attempts to elevate himself to legend with an enjoyable rendition of “Eldrun the Mighty”. After lisening contently to Eldrun’s song Dax beings looking around the cave. We find the skeleton of an Ogre and some baboon carcasses. Lastly we find a Wand of Cure Moderate Wounds with no charges left bearing the symbol of St. Cuthbert. We assume the wand belonged to Alek Tercival. We also assume the Ogre may have written the map. The other side of the cave opens back into jungle and the path continues. We follow the path.

6:30 pm

We hear a sudden flutter of large wings and all the wild life goes silent. A beautiful winged woman comes out from the foliage. She is wielding a flaming sword. She introduces herself to us as Nidrama. She thanks us for our good deeds and tells us she has been keeping an eye on us. She continues telling us that powerful evil forces are about and that she cannot stay long for fear of bringing their attention. She tells us there is danger ahead and we will encounter deception. The King of the Demonskar knows we approach and that we should be careful. Also we must save Alek. We should seek Alakast in the lair of her false sisters beyond the watchful eyes of the North. She disappears.

The party takes a vote to decide their course of action. Dax votes to return to Redgorge while the rest of the party except for Farnsworth votes to press on. Farnsworth abstains from voting.

7 pm

The trail ends and the trees thin out considerably. We can see the sky and the in distance we can see the Demonskar. 20 feet from the end of the trail is a large structure that looks a like a large pipe. It is 20 feet wide and 2 feet thick sloping into the ground.

We enter the cave. After a while the cave reaches a T intersection. We follow our map and proceed to the right. A passage way branches to the left and we continue straight. After a half mile the path ends in ruins. We head back and take the fork that is now on our right (formerly on the left). After a few miles we come a section of pipe that is darker and almost entirely intact. We begin to hear a low rumbling every few minutes.

9 pm

The pipe comes to an end. We reach a large pit set at the bottom of a large fissure. Smoke is rising from a pool at the bottom of the pit 50 ft below. A slippery slope wraps around and down to the bottom of the pit. Across the pit are two large metal chimneys. Every couple minutes some wind blows in and they reverberate loudly. A 20 ft gate is set into the wall at the bottom of the pit.

The noxious odors coming from the bottom of the pit make Farnsworth feel sick although no one else is affected. Ceana lays hands on Farnsworth and makes him feel better.

We see a small imp bathing in the water. It doesn’t look like an orphan. We prepare to attack. Eldrun kills the imp with a single attack.

April 20th session recap
The search for Alek Tercival

Oct 25, 1046

10:45 am

We leave the inn planning to go to the half-orc mercenary encampment, but instead we encounter Jenya. Ceana begins speaking with her and Jenya tells us that she has been friends with Alek Tercival, Palidan of St. Cuthbert, for a long time. She is worried because she hasn’t seen him in a while and he is supposed to be here to challenge Skellerang, Captin of the Guard. She asks us to investigate and says he was last seen in the Redgorge area. This information is consistent with what Mavue told us (that Alek would be attending a clandestine meeting in Redgorge soon).

Jenya has also consulted with the her star while produced the riddle:

Late on the path of Justice, trapped between glass and stone. He weeps where many can see him, but he can see only himself.

We enquire about where Alek had been travelling recently and Jenya suggests we speak with Tigot an antiquitees dealer in Cauldron whom Alek sold many artifacts he found on his travels to.

We head to Tigot’s shop. When we arrive we find that Tigot is an old halfing. As we enter his “dog” disappear and reappears next to Ceana. He tells us that this unique “dog” is actually a blink dog.

Ceana begins speaking to him about Alek. Tigot says that Alek is a friend who has brought him many exciting artifacts. He looks up the artifiact most recently brought in by Alek. About 2 months ago Alek brought in:

  • A statue of a goose from a a set made by the heroin Tlimida.
  • The Knight in brown, another statue, this one of the bailif of the town Gradsul.
  • A baboon mask of an unknown diety worshiped in the region surrounding Cauldron.
  • A bust of a fish like mosters head. Likely broken off from a larger statue.
  • A rectangular silver plate with codes, cyphers and images. The pate also had a map etched into the back of it much more recently.

We are most interesting in the plate and begin close inspection. Unable to otherwise determine the language Farnsworth casts comprehend language. Farnsworth is now able to determine the plate was created by an ancient race of spellcasters. The images on the right side of the plate depict their leader holding the “stary mirror”. The left side show three images in chronological order.

  1. The spellcasters are ordering an different race or creatures to build something.
  2. The spellcasters are empowering their slaves with some type of potion.
  3. Shows the completed construction

The map on the back of the plate shows a number of landmarks. They are labelled in a different language then the front of the plate. Farnsworth identifies them as Orge, a dialect of Giant. Some of the landmarks are a river with a “headless statue”, the cave marked “home”, a “gnoll path” to a “round cave” which ends at “Vapark’s voice”. We are not familiar with any of the landmarks and neither is Tigot.

Tigot tells us the plate is worth 700 gp, but Ceana does not believe him and the price is lowered to 400 gp. After some haggling Ceana and Tigot settle on 350 gp and we purchase the plate.

After leaving Tigot’s shop we head to the Temple of St. Cuthbert to see if Jenya has any information regarding the plate. She does not.

11 am

We set out for Redgorge to try and gather more information about the plate and the were abouts of Alek Tercival.

4 pm

We arrive in Redgorge after 5 hours of uneventful travels. We head to the Red Head Miner’s Inn where Maavu said we would be able to find him. When we enter the inn there is a friendly looking inn keeper. He calls himself Miki Max and is handing out free food to the patrons. There is also a well dressed man in the corner playing the lute. As we approach the bar the lute player ask’s us:

What combined with… (riddle)

We answer the question with the passphrase provided by Maavu


The man on the lute tells us there is a metting in the basement that will be held soon by the “Foreman”. He says they are also expecting Alek and Maavu. We proceed go the basement to wait for the meeting to begin. In the basement we enter a privat eroom wiht tapestries on the wall and a large table in the center. We inspect the tapestries, they depict the following scenes:

It appears that the meeting is almost ready to begin as Oliron Masht, the Foreman and head of the Chisel comes to the head of the table. He introduces us to the others in the room, Maavu, Miki Max, and the man who was playing the lute, the Honest Minstrel. The meeting does begin and the Oliron says that the Chisel has stopped looking out for the wellbeing of is “membership” and has started looking out for itself. He claims demonic forces are influencing the city councel in Cauldron. The Honest Minstral says his informants tell him that Skellerang is planning to lead an attack against Redgorge with the half-orc mercenaries that have been policing Cauldron. The others at the meeting are suprised that Alek did not show up and are concerned. We show them the plate we purchased from Tigot and they quickly identify the headless statue as one a few miles down river by boat. They also tell use Alek has been crusading in that area recently. We offer to go look for him and they are express that their thanks and tell us they can provide boats to get down the river with.

7 pm

We decide to head down the river, planning to rest for the night when we reach the headless statue.

11 pm

As we approach the clearing with statue from the river we ambushed by archers from the edge of the forest. As Dax and Grognak row to shore Eldrun and Farnsworth engage the archers with ranged attacks. Pharius begins to row to shore, and Ceana who is with him complains that she wasn’t consulted first. Once the boats reach show the fighters quickly cross the clearing to engage and dispatch the archers while Eldrun continues his range attacks and Farnsworth becomes invisible and hides for the duration of the combat.

After the fight the party sets camp and prepare to rest for the night.

March 30th session recap

The party decided to adventure further into the parts of the temple that they had not yet explored. They attempted to go through the first of two remaining unopened doors, and were greeted by a lightning bolt that fried everyone on the stairs. Dax decided to try to see if the trap was disarmed, and tossed a pebble at the door. Another lightning bolt arced through the air. Dax moved near the door, and carefully tossed one of his rapiers such that it lay resting against the door. Every round, a lightning bolt went off. Dax attempted to time the blasts, and ran up the stairs to open the door between bolts. Unfortunately, his timing was off, and he got singed by another bolt of lightning. Eldrun figured that he had a better sense of timing than Dax, and made an attempt, which was successful.

The door finally open, and the party mostly healed back up, they pressed on into the room. Cenna stepped into the room first, triggering a pressure plate on the floor that caused poisonous spears to shoot out of the walls. She was struck by one, and was poisoned, losing some strength. Eldrun made a run around the walls of the room, and discerned that the entire floor was a huge pressure plate. The door on the other end of the room was locked. After some testing, the group found that the floor was a one-shot trap, and they all moved across the room. After much effort (and a few minutes of retries), Grognak, along with Eldrun and Cenna’s help, smashed down the locked door, to be greeted by a black dragon! The dragon reared its head and blasted Dax and Grognak with a line of acid. The party retreated back down the stairs, hoping to lure the dragon into a space where it would be cramped and they could more easily defeat it.

The dragon moved into the next room, but was not foolish enough to go down the cramped staircase. Cenna eventually got tired of waiting for the evil creature to come to them, and charged into the room, the party behind her. After a mighty battle, Grognak slew the dragon, and the room was looted.

They then headed upstairs, into a long room, and started looking around when a pair of kuo-toa assassins jumped down and attempted to assassinate Dax and Grognak. The one attacking Dax missed, and the other one didn’t realize that Grognak was a high level barbarian and was not going to be flat-footed, so his assassination attempt failed. The assassins were quickly cut down.

The next room found the party face-to-face with a tired-looking, crazy dwarf on a throne made of stitched-together skin. The dwarf spoke to them about prophecies about the “Smoking Eye”, and that they were doomed. After a few minutes of conversation that didn’t seem to be going anywhere, Cenna made a ridiculous diplomacy check and convinced Zenith that he should return to Cauldron with them.

The group headed back to Cauldron and were met at the Cusp of Sunrise by Lord Vhalantru, who informed the party that Celeste had to leave unannounced to take care of some business elsewhere, and that Zenith’s father was off with some priests who were attempting another cure of his curse. Vhalantru told the group that he would take Zenith home and make sure he was cared for, as well as reward the group for their services. The session ended in the middle of the conversation, with the party not quite sure if they would leave Zenith in Vhalantru’s care.

March 23rd Session recap

The session began where the previous one ended – in the large room with water covering the floor, where the group encountered a pair of kuo-toan guards and some swarms of weird black dragon / fish hybrid creatures. The party decided to explore through the portcullis to the south. Farnsworth cast light on a pebble and sent it into the room via mage hand, illuminating a group of kuo-toa – 6 spear and shield wielding enemies, and 3 of the whips (clerics). Not being able to reach the lever for the portcullis (it was on the other side), Grognak summoned his mighty strength and lifted the door, charging into the room with Dax and Cenna behind him. Farnsworth tossed in a fireball and killed the remaining kuo-toa with one spell (Eldrun had already felled one). The group was questioning whether they might be killing children or something, since these kuo-toa were falling easier than the ones before. Since nobody in the party had any sort of knowledge about kuo-toa, they couldn’t tell. The battle raged on, with the whips tossing lightning bolts, and the party finishing everybody off.

They left the room and headed through the other door they hadn’t passed through on the current floor. It opened into a fairly large chamber, with kuo-toa corpses stuck to the east and west walls. Dax charged into the room, but triggered a trap door that was covering a pit of spikes. He fell in, managing to dodge all of the spikes, but a wraith went in after him, starting to drain his constitution. Eldrun threw down a rope, which Dax climbed up and ran to safety. Cenna’s positive energy channeling combined with magic missiles from Farnsworth (they’re force effects after all) and some damage from the rest of the party slew the undead creature.

The group decided to rest for the remainder of the day in this room, having two random encounters throughout the day (Kaitlyn and Shawn rolled poorly). A group of gargoyles was first, followed by a group of ghasts. Both groups were fairly easily dispatched. The session concluded at 1am, at the start of a new “day.”


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