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May 11th Session Recap

Elixer of the Gods?

Oct 26, 1046

10 pm

The party decides to hole up in the forge and get some rest before continuing further into caves or ancient ruins. Pharius and Farnsworth volunteer for the first watch, Grognak and Dax are scheduled for the middle watch and Eldrun and Ceana will take last watch. Very shortly into the first watch three Shadow Demons sneak into the room and attack Pharius (from behind). The noise wakes Grognak who gets up and moves towards the demons. Pharius calls on supernatural powers to bring up a Nimbus of light. In response the demons cower and run from the rooms. The rest of the party wakes up from the noise. Ceana, Eldrun are the next to wake up and draw their weapons. Grognak and Pharius pursue the demons into the caves. Two of the demons continue to flee from the Nimbus of light. The other turns and attempts to cast Magic Jar on Grognak who resits. Farnsworth tries to sneak into the cave but is spotted by the nearest demon. He casts a two scorching rays, one misses and the other connect, but the demon only takes partial damage. Grognak goes into a rage and makes a mighty attack against the demon. Pharius continues to drive the demons back with his Nimbus of light. One of the demons and disappears and casts Greater Teleport. Farnsworth pulls a potion of see invisibility from his pack and drinks it. He sees one of the demons flanking the party from behind. Ceana continues to wait in the forge. Eldrun unleashes a flurry of arrows to one of the demons that is still visible to the party. Grognak continues to attack the demons in his rage. Pharius brings down the Nimbus of light, casts divine power and taughts the demons who have been fleeing from him. The two demons still in cave begin to attack Grognak. The demon that was flanking the party charges into the cave and attacks Ceana becoming visible again. Farnsworth casts magic missile at the demon attacking Ceana dealing force damage. Ceana also make a critical hit against the demon. Eldrun continues to pepper the demon with arrows, but realizes that they are taking little damage from his attacks. Dax moves into combat and begins to attack with his enchanted weapons bypassing its damage reduction. One of the demons looks into Dax’s eyes and casts Magic Jar. Dax is unable to resist. The demon disappears and Dax begins to glow as he is possessed by the demon. The other demon casts telekinesis and hurls two anvils at Farnsworth. They miss him and smash against the wall. Farnsworth pulls his wand of dispel magic from his pack. He calls on the power of Olidimara as he casts dispel magic on Dax and dispels the Magic Jar. The possession is ended and the demon reappears in front of Dax. Ceana smites the demon that is in the Forge and continues to attack it. Eldrun turns to help Ceana deal with the demon in the forge and slays it with four arrows. Ceana less then grateful glares at Eldrun for stealing her kill (but she claims to love Eldrun anyway). Dax now returned to his body continues to attack the demons and slays the one that had possessed his body. Pharius kills the remaining demon to end the combat. After Pharius heals the wounds suffered by Grognak, Dax and Ceana during the attack the party sets up to rest.

Oct 27, 1046

10 am

The rest of the night passes uneventfully. After preparing in the morning the party decides to explore the remaining sections of the cave. Eldrun and Farnsworth sneak slightly ahead of the party and peak around the corner as the approach the end of the passage. The room opens up into a large cavern overlooking the portcullis. In the room are the controls for the portcullis, a large and two giants. The party surprises the giants. Eldrun takes a shot with his bow. Farnsworth lets loose a fireball. Pharius casts bull strength on Grognak. The rest of the party moves forward to engage the giants in melee. The party continues to attack the giants one is slain by Eldrun before even having a chance to react. The remaining giant gets a huge hit on Grognak, but is quickly taken down by Dax, Pharius, who charged the giant, and Eldrun who slays it.

After slaying the giants Farnsworth opens the portcullis. Grognak lowers him down on a rope and he slips down from the balcony to see if there is anything in the passage below. After seeing the passage is still empty he squeezes back up through the small space and they close the portcullis.

The party returns to the door at the end of the ancient passageway. But as they approach it, it does not open automatically as the other doors did. Farnsworth searches thoroughly for traps but the door looks safe. When Pharius goes to open it they discover the door is locked. Farnsworth picks the looks. Pharius walks up and throws the door open and barges in “Aragorn” style! On the other side is a large hall. In the middle is an unusually 30 foot long metal and wood sculpture with twenty something chairs around it. Each chair had three armrests. After seeing the room and examining our tablet again we determine that the creatures that build these halls were spell weavers and the creatures they enslaved were ogres. Across for the entrance is a caved in hallway. There are also hallways leading off from the left and the right of the hall.

As we enter a heavenly choir of Trumpet Archons enters from the hallway on the right. They smell of roses and thank us for cleansing this holy place from the evil giants. Ceana uncertain of their motives casts detect evil and sees three evil auras. The Archons offer us an exlir of the gods. Not trusting them Dax takes the potion and passes it to Farnsworth. After receiving the potion Farnsworth casts Invisibility. Everyone stands around for a round not quite sure what to do. Farnsworth sneaks quietly out of the room while Eldrun unleashes a flurry of arrow doing massive damage to the nearest Trumpet Archon which dies reverting back to it is natural state, a very ugly green hag. The other two cast invisibility and disappear. Farnsworth shuts the doors and locks it with Arcane lock. He is now cut off from the party. Eldrun hears the fake archons move though a door at the end of the hallway they came from. As the party (minus Farnsworth) follows them down the hall Ceana cannot see their auras.


But Ceana does love Eldrun a looooooooooooooooot!

May 11th Session Recap

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