Shackled City KW

May 18th Session Recap

The Hags and the Mirror

Oct 27, 1046

10:25 am

The party is still in combat with the hags. Eldrun heard the hags go through a door at the end of the hallway they came from. Farnsworth is still invisible and separated from the party on the otherside of the locked entrance to the chamber. He had run from the room to steal the elixer of gods for later investigation and locked the door on his way out.

While the party pursues the hags down the hallway Farnsworth hides the Elixir of the Gods so that he can inspect it more closely later. He then begins to and hurry back to the portcullis, an alternate way to rejoin the party. As the party follows the sounds of the hags they come to a small room with a fountain in the middle. The fountain contains a purplish liquid like the liquid in the chalice that the hags claimed was the “Elixer of the Gods”. To one side of the fountain is a open door. On the other side of the fountain there is another door which is closed. The party purses the hags through the open door, assuming that is where they went. On the other side of the door is a short hall with a large room at the end. The room has a staircase leading up the righthand wall to a 10 foot high platform along the far wall. On the platform is a large chair. There are two doors that exit the room. One on the wall oposite the stairs and the other on the platform directly across from where the hallway enters the room. may 18 dungeon As the party enters the room, the two hags reappear. The first attempts to dominate Eldrun and fails, but the second succeeds and forces Eldrun to turn his bow on Grognak. Eldrun unable to resist shoots Grognak. Dax thinks quickly and attempts to grapple Eldrun, but Eldrun shrugs him off. Grognak continues to charge the hags while Ceana and Pharius come around the corner. One of the hags disappears again. Eldrun is able to regain control of his mind thanks to Pharius and his magic circle against evil. He attacks the hag that had dominated him. Dax runs towards the platform and jumps and climbs up next to the still visible hag. Grognak and Dax, now flanking the one visible hag and begin to attack it. The visible hag quickly disappears. Meanwhile the other hag reappears in front of Pharius and attacks him. Eldrun fires back at the hag from behind Pharius. Ceana, who had made it to the stairs runs back and smites the hag. The hag once again disappears from view. The other hag reappears near the fountain room and casts a spell causing Eldrun to become panicked. Unable to control himself Eldrun drops his bow and runs up the staircase and through the door on the platform. He enters another short hallway that ends in rubble. There is a door halfway down the hall on the left. may 18 hag fight Dax rushes past Eldrun to try and stop him from running any farther away, but he triggers the automatic door on the left and it opens revealing a medium sized room. The room contains a stone chair, that faces a mirror opposite the door. There are coloured circles in a circle around the chair. The sight of the mystical looking room startles Dax who is afraid of what he may have stumbled on. Farnsworth is finally able to rejoin the group after flying (literally) back at full speed. They are still unaware of his presence because he has remained invisible from when he ran away with the chalice. The hags continue to try and affect the party with a variety of spells but the magic circle against evil prevents them from panicking or dominating anyone else. Eldrun continues to flee to the end of the corridor where he cowers in fear. Dax is once again unable to stop him. Ceana charges one of the hags who is now at the top of the stairs and slays it. Pharius and Grognak race towards the remaining hag who is back in the room with the fountain. As they enter the fountain room Farnsworth appears flying in air and incinerates the hag with a tremendous scorching ray.

The party heals quickly and proceed immediately to the room with the mirrors, hoping that some of their buff spells will still be active should there be any terrible creatures in the mystical room. Uncertain if the room is safe Farnsworth becomes invisible and searches the room stealthily, but quickly, for traps. He finds none. The rest of party enters and begins to inspect the room more closely. As Farnsworth inspects the mirror he sees five pentagonal windows four of which are cloudy but in the other he can see a man trapped and in despair. The party remembers Jenya’s message from the star of justice and concludes that this is Alek Tercival. As Farnsworth touches the mirror the surface ripples like water. Farnsworth does the hokey pokey with the mirror, putting one limb in at a time and taking it out, making sure they come back out in the same condition. Next he takes a deep breath and puts his face in the mirror. All he sees is blackness and stars. Farnsworth tries to breath and finds he can. He pulls out his face and informs the party of what he experienced.

Unable to figure out how to rescue Alek or if they can enter the mirror safely, the party decides to continue exploring the dungeon before their remaining buff expire. Before continuing Farnsworth suggests they should retrieve the chalice and inspect the elixer. Farnsworth unlocks the door leading out of the main chamber and retrieves the chalice bringing it back to the fountain room. He is about to pour the elixer back into the fountain with the rest of the liquid when he notices they are a slightly different colour. Grognak identifies a poison in the elixer in the chalice, and Farsnworth can tell that both liquids will make you stronger. Pharius, Dax and Grognak all consume some of the potion from the fountain and gain a lot of strength, but take penalties to wisdom. All three are happy for their enhanced strength. Grognak and Dax are relatively unconcerned about being a little less wise. Pharius, still the wisest of them all, is less enthusiastic and the entire party wonders how long these affects may last and if their will be any side affects later on.

Eldrun, ready to explore the rest of the dungeon, approaches the other door in the fountain room. It opens onto a small hall with a door at the end. As Grognak approaches the next door it opens and a fireball goes off. The entire party is caught in the explosion and they all take damage except of Farnsworth who dodges out of the way with his evasion skills. All the party finds on the other side of the door is a pile of rubble. The party returns to the room with the platform to explore what is beyond the door oposite the stairs. As they approach it there is another short passage with a medium sized room beyond. In it are three beds and a chest. Farnsworth checks the chest for traps before opening it and finding lots of treasure. Eldrun searches the rest of the room and finds a secret door drawer behind one of three baboon masks hanging on the wall. In the drawer is a magical quarterstaff. Farnsworth identifies the staff as Alakast. The staff that Nidrama said they would need to defeat the king of The Demonskar. The staff is powerful and intelligent. It can communicate empathically with whomever is holding it.

The party returns to the mirror room with the staff Alakast. The staff empathically communicates with Pharius who is holding it that it wants to investigate the mirror. Pharius puts Alakast into the mirro, it pushes him back and he senses flashes of color. We decide to reference the silver plate we brought with us from Cauldrun. After inspecting the plate the coloured circles around the chair appear to be numbered. After much deliberation and experimentation no progress is made. The party decides someone must enter the mirror to determine what is on the other side.

Pharius is tied to the rope, equipped with both Alakast and the silver plate he steps into the mirror.



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