Shackled City KW

May 25th Session Recap

Alek Tercival

Oct 27, 1046

11 am

may 25 mirror room After waiting for a few minutes the rope is still sticking out from the middle or the mirror. When Fransworth pulls on the rope there is no give, it is stuck. Continuing to experiment, Farnsworth sticks his longsword in the mirror and can pull it back out without any problem. Eldrun sticks his head in the mirror and all he sees is the same blackness and stars that appeared before. After a few minutes the clasp from Pharius’s royal robes comes back through the mirror. Fearing their companion is in trouble the party ties the rope to the chair and Farnsworth and Eldrun declare their intention to enter the mirror while Grognak, Dax and Ceana decide to wait for 10 minutes.

Farnsworth appears alone in a green pentagonal room. Each wall has a different colored mirror on it corresponding to the colours on the floor in previous room. He can hear faint metallic footsteps in the distance. Farnsworth calls out “Helloooo…” Both Pharius and Eldrun hear him faintly as if he is far away.

Eldrun begins going through the different colored mirrors and each time ends up in a room of the same colour as the mirror he went through. He shouts out that we should all go through the red mirror. All Pharius, Eldrun and Farnsworth all go through the red mirror at the count of three and they all end up different in red rooms, alone.

After 10 minutes passes Ceana, Dax and Grognak enter the mirror and each end up in an empty rooms. The party begins shouting to each other. They are all very confused about where they are and how to find each other. Pharius informs the party that Alakast has been silent since he entered the mirror.

Dax begins going through the rooms in order they appeared in the circle in mirror room. He ends up going in what seems like circle. Pharius tells the group that he had left his royal clasp in a room, went through a mirror and tried to return but the clasp was gone. Realizing this was how the clasp returned to the mirror room the party concludes that the rooms must be an extra dimensional space that ceases to exist when they leave. We decide to each go to a different colored room just to see what happens. Nothing happens. We all move through the rooms in coloured order. Nothing happens. Farnsworth searches each coloured room carefully and does not find anything of interest.

Pharius begins describing the silver plate in detail to the party. We decipher a numeric code of 345123. The colors also form a sequence. When going through a mirror into a colored room you always face then next color in the sequence. The colour sequence is Green, Blue, Violet, Red, Orange, Yellow. Dax tries to combine the colors and the number to form the sequence Green, Red, Blue, Green, Blue, Red, Green. He ends up in a dark room with five mirrors. Each mirrors shows an image of a man huddled in the corner of a medium sized room. Farnsworth and Pharius follow the same pattern and end up alone in a similar rooms. Pharius decides he should go through the mirror with Alakast. As he enters the room he can no longer hear the party, but Farnsworth and Dax can see him in the room with the man.

The rest of the party decides to rejoin Pharius. They follow the coloured pattern and go through the mirror into the room with the man. They find themselves in a square room with a door, 12 urns, one of which is broken and a man we assume to be Alek. Alek appears to be insane, muttering to himself over and over again.

“When the final cage is shackled the final doom shall rise.”

Searching the room reveals nothing. Farnsworth inspects the door. It is a metal slab that appears to be stuck. Pharius casts some spells to further increase his and Grognak’s strength which is still boosted from the purple potion the drank in the fountain room. They make a mighty attempt and rip open the door. On the other side of the door is a set of stairs leading up to a room with 4 pillars.

may 25 pillar room

Ceana speaks quietly to Alek to convince him to come with the party. He seems to come to his senses. Alek inquires about the date and they discuss the current political situation in Cauldron and Redgorge. He is quite upset when the party tells him how much time has passed and of the political problems that have occurred.

The end of the room opens out into sand and desert. Eldrun notices that the sun is low in the sky considering that it should be midday. Outside there is a large pop and a giant creatures appears in front of us. It is similar to the headless statue by the river. Farnsworth is unable to identify the creature, but can tell that it is from an abyss. Farnsworth shoots at the creature in Abyssal asking it why it has come. The creature answers that he has come to kill the paladin. We assume it is referring to Alek.

may 25 demon fight Eldrun reacts first shooting arrows at the creature. Ceana confronts Alek to determine what he knows about the creature and why it might be after him. He has no idea, but insists it must die! The creature casts unholy blight on the party. Ceana, Eldrun and Farnsworth are all sickened. Farnsworth casts Ray of Enfeeblement sapping the creature of some of its strength. Grognak runs at the creature who attacks him as he approaches. Grognak makes a powerful swing back dealing a large amount of damage. Alek yells,

“Beware the unseen mark. Beware the eyes that kill. By treachery and deceit will the true lord fall and the false lord rule.”

After which he runs up and attacks the demon. As he approaches the demon it attacks him for a lot of damage. Dax runs around the demon to flank him but the demon hits him as well. The demon continues to attack Alek hitting him multiple times. Alek falls to the ground after taking massive damage. Farnsworth casts Unluck at the demon who resists the spell. Grognak and Dax continue attacking the demon. Pharius tries to cast breath of life to revive Alek but looses the spell trying to cast defensively. Ceana smites the demon bypassing its damage reduction. The demon laughs mockingly, casts greater teleport and disappears.

Eldrun rushes to Alek to see if he can be helped, but Alek grabs Eldrun and speaks to him in Nydrama’s voice. He says

“There is naught left for you in Cauldron heroes. To return is enter your own graves and bring doom to all you love. Trust the sign of the smoking eye if you wish to save those you love.”

When he has finished speaking Alek falls over dead. The party is now stranded in the desert. Judging by the sun they are far to the east of Cauldron.



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