I do it...for the greater good


AC: 23 HP: 87 Weapons: Longsword +2 Feats: Tower Shield Proficiency Weapon Focus Special Abilities: Detect Evil Smite Evil Channel Positive


Ceana is as fair a Paladin as they come. In fact, her name means ‘fair one’ so yea, she was pretty much born to be a Paladin.

Ceana does much adventuring to help those in need to right wrongs. On one of her journey’s, Grognak the Barbarian saw her single-handedly defeat an evil outsider in an unmentioned town with her amazing smite evil abilities. He timidly walked up to her, afraid she might attack him and knowing he could never take her down. Luckily, Ceana could quickly sense his motives and realised he was a good natured Barbarian, so she welcomed him into her presence. He told her about his group of comrades and all that they had been trying to do in a town not too far away from the unmentioned town. She agreed to follow him back and meet the group. When they arrived, the group was in town getting information about their next adventure and Ceana knew eventually, if they’d have her, she could help them talk to people in town with her incredible diplomatic skills.

They allowed her into their group and she became the newest member of the Better-than-the-Stormblades. She quickly thought that with all her awesome skills, she would definitely help them along their journey more swiftly. She was humbled quickly when she realized the amount of talent the group had. She had seen the Stormblades in action and saw how good they were, but she became dazzled by this group and how they definitely lived up to their names.

She is now learning new skills to harness and gathering wisdom from her fellow comrades.


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