An Elf, from over there


Dax is an elf fighter. He grew up in the forests somewhere over that way (beckons to the east)... or was it over there (points generally towards the north)... there were trees there, that’s all we know for sure. And other elves. Dax thinks he’s pretty good, but he keeps getting hurt and knocked out in battles. You see, he is an elf after all, being very agile, but also rather weak. Luckily his reflexes save him most of the time, and the rest of the time his trusty companions come to the rescue.

How did Dax meet his companions? well, as the story goes (i think, this is mostly rumors after all), Dax heard someone getting attacked in an alley. He went to the rescue along with several others. As it happens, adventuring types like to help people that get attacked. Dax and the others (Pharius, Elrdun, and Farnsworth I believe were their names) came just in the nic of time to save a cleric, and then the group was commissioned to investigate their first quest together. So that’s how they met (according to the rumors).

Having been introduced to Pharius, Dax has taken a liking to alcohol. His favourite drink is rye and syrup mixed in some water, though he has been known to have pints of ale when Pharius is buying.

Dax’s favourite weapon is the rapier. He likes them so much that he keeps any he finds. He has a collection of 9 right now, as well as some daggers and small knives. He’s kind of a pack rat when it comes to weapons. As he’s often been heard saying, “Hey, if I take this, it’s one less rapier that can be used against me!” His companions often joke that he has a quiver of rapiers, and that he should find a bow that shoots rapiers, or he should perfect the art of throwing rapiers as a fighting style (it’s yet undeveloped as of now)


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