Eldrun The Mighty

Elven Ranger


Eldrun The Mighty gained his title due to his uncanny ability to slay all enemies that challenge his party. His prowess in battle is exceeded only by his aptitude in competition: his performance in the Cauldron town fair helped to earn the party’s name “Better Than Stormblades” when he proved, in front of a myriad of witnesses, that he was decidedly superior to his Stormblade counterpart. In spite of opinions to the contrary, Eldrun can fire his bow from a prone position (although he may not hit anything). As a Cassanova notches his bedpost to denote his sexual conquests, Eldrun notches his arm with tattoos enumerating his kills in battle. At present, they number over 100. Master of ranged combat, Eldrun remains undefeated to date (except for that one time when he almost got killed by an orc).


Eldrun’s past is a mystery to all. We can only guess that the trauma of his early years has led him to become a reclusive yet compelling bow adept.

Eldrun The Mighty

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